Class July 1 Material

Shooting fireworks

~ Tripod
~ Cable Release
~ Manual exposure and focus (focus to infinity and “pull it back” a little. Or put it in auto, focus on something far away, and switch to manual)
~ Start with aperture at about f/10, adjust as needed to control exposure
~ Shutter speed slow.. he says 3-6 seconds but I’ve found that can be too long. Try 1/2 to 1 second. Or better yet, bulb mode and you can close the shutter at the peak moment.
~ ISO 100 or 200


In the video you’ll notice he says focus all the way to infinity and then pull it back a little bit… this might help explain it: Why does my lens focus past infinity?

For Thursday! Bring interesting light-colored objects to shoot motion blur against black background. For example, a white or metal/silver yo-yo, a coin (bigger the better), white streamers, etc. One thing that worked well one semester was a bunch of dollar bills (we threw them up in the air and let them come down). (not just saying that so I can keep them)

Selective color handout for Stained Glass..