Class 11/12


1. Learning how to insert the Death Star into a photo… (practice composition and layer masks)

Death Star with transparent background is here.

Finished product will look a little like this.


2. We’ll look at some professional retouching tips with my nephew (for real this time?)

"Fixed" version

My nephew
“Fixed” version
Click for bigger view

Find the image here

Handout for fixing him

3. If we have time (probably not)

Tricky selections handout

Tricky selections image

Put him in this background

Class 11/5

I’m hoping to create a conceptual photo based on an idea we come up with in class.

Also, a lecture on some famous photographs and how to “look” at photos.

In the lab:

1. Some retouching practice on my nephew (right click to download)

2. Intro to working with text


Lawnmower image (save it!)

Grass image (save it!)

It will look something like this when you are done: