Final portfolio for Tuesday July 30

Instead of a final test, you’ll print your best 12 shots of the year. They should be 8×10 size.

Double check how you’ve cropped the photos to make sure they are 8×10. JPEGs are preferable. You can’t print DNGs or RAW files.

Where to print? Wherever you like. University Photo in Des Moines is supposed to be good, but I haven’t tried it. I like MPix. Snapfish and Shutterfly are popular. You can also try Walgreens or Costco, but they probably won’t be as good.

To hold them, you can use a simple art portfolio book (you can find these at Christian Photo, or pretty much any photo/art/hobby store like Michael’s). Or, if you’ve been using a 3-ring binder, you can get some 3-ring photo pages (probably 8 1/2 by 11).

If you want to include more than 12, that is fine.

It’s also ok to re-edit photos. In fact, I would encourage it. Prints usually are a little darker than they are on screen, so make sure your whites are looking nice and crisp. In the histogram they should be at about 240-245 pixels bright.

We’ll meet Tuesday July 30 to look at them, and you’ll get to keep it when we’re done.

Class notes

I totally forgot about black and white editing tips today.

Tuesday I can show that, colorizing, and we can have *actual* time to catch up on assignments.

I will post retouching tips soon……

Thanks for following along with the crazy studio shooting and retouching today.


For those interested… Sunday night, 8:30pm at the sculpture garden downtown (about 14th St between Grand and Locust).

Bring a tripod! We’ll try to get some cool sunset/night shots, car trails, etc.

We can start at the park and make our way east downtown.

Parking should be free at the meters.