Remembering Steve Langager

My dad’s older brother Steve passed away yesterday. He was in a coma for almost two weeks following being hit by a drunk driver while riding his bike in Arizona, his winter getaway (he lived in Spicer, MN).

I wanted to post this in case people were searching for an online presence to share stories and memories about him.

I’ll always remember his sense of humor and quick wit. We kids could always get him to chuckle by bringing up the Minnesota Vikings, whom he gave up on after they lost their fourth Super Bowl. He would mock us for still cheering for the Vikings and needle us when they did poorly.

He also had a curiosity  in technology. Sometimes he would put aside his jokey demeanor and ask me computer questions. He was always having virus issues with his PC and I kept telling him to get a Mac. He seemed pretty tech-savvy and knew about the latest gadgets coming out.

He lived near our Grandma Rachel (who passed away a little over a year ago) so he’d drive her up for holidays, always with a large mug of coffee. When the time was approaching to go back home, he’d joke that he was going to forget her in Duluth.

We really only saw him at Thanksgiving and Christmas, but even then not so much these past couple years. I’m sad he is gone and he’ll be missed.


3 Comments on “Remembering Steve Langager”

  1. Martha says:

    Thanks for starting this on your site.
    I loved his laugh and how easily it came… it was contagious like his late mother’s.
    I admire how he overcame some problems a long time ago and became a better man.
    I had an ongoing thing with him where he would pretend he could speak in Spanish (he really did not know Spanish at all but I was studying it in school).
    I still cannot believe this happened.

  2. alangager says:

    Steven Douglas Langager, 64, of Spicer, MN and Scottsdale, AZ died Thursday, January 26, 2012 at Hospice of the Valley in Scottsdale. He died as a result of injuries sustained after being struck by a car while riding his bicycle. Steve was born on July 11, 1947 in Willmar. He graduated from Willmar Senior High School in 1965 and received his B.A. from Hamline University. He worked for many years for BNSF railroad. He was an avid cyclist and loved music and reading. His engaging and joyful personality will be missed by his many friends and by his family. He was preceded in death by his father Douglas and his mother Rachel. He is survived by his brother James (Dorothy) of Duluth, nephews Andrew (Aimee), Benjamin, and Jonathan Langager and niece Martha (Daniel) Klopp. Memorials may be made in his name to MADD.

  3. Jonathan Langager says:

    Yeah, I remember him most from Thanksgiving, where he would drive up with Rachel. Always, he would wear a sweatshirt and blue jeans– at various points with long hair. He would always poke fun at Rachel, and she would laugh, and tell him he was being bad. They were funny to watch together, and I always got the sense that he was there for her. He seemed to have a darkly humorous take on life– laughing at just about anything, and recounting bizarre news stories or things he’d read or heard.