ISU TV History

(Note: This information is copied from the now-deleted Wikipedia entry for ISUTv — I just wanted to keep a record of it online)

The station has gone through many different labels and channel numbers, including…
ISUtv, Ch. 18 (2004–present)
ISUtv, Ch. 20 (2003-2004)
Cy46 (2001-2003)
ISU4 (2001)
ISU9 (1999-2001)
STV9 (19??-1999)
R31 (19??-19??)

Some of the original programming that has appeared on ISUtv includes:

1800 Seconds (1999-2003)
Ames Music Live
Al Murdoch Show
Animation De Facto
Billings and Spivey (2001-2003)
Breaking News and Broken Hearts (2008–Present)
Chuckle McBuckle’s Dirty Laundry (2000-2001)
Cy’s Eyes on the Skies (1999–Present)
Cyclone Fitness
Cyclone Football Weekly (Fall 2010)
Cyclone InCYders (2011–Present)

Cyclone Sports Live
Dirty Laundry (2010-2012)
F.A.C. (Fun After Class)
InCyde Out
I-State News (2008–Present)
ISU Archives
Jeff, Jess, and Jared (2008-2011)
Just Another Day
nAmes (2011)
Newswatch 18 (2004–Present)
Ordinary Iowa (1996-1997)
Out of Hand (2000)
Oxymorons (2001-2003)
Pimpin Pile (2007–Present)
Politics Unlimited
Randumb Lobotomy (2001-2002)
Short Cutz
Space Rocket (1999-2000)
The Adult Super Show (2009-2010)
The Iowa State Sportsman Show (2010-2011)
The Trailer Home (2001-2002)
The Weekly News (2009-2011)
The Worst Show
Triple Threat Sports Show
Video Plus
Wake Up, ISU

Episodes of many of the defunct shows still find airtime on ISUtv. ISUtv was also an affiliate of two national college television networks: Zilo TV and National Lampoon Network (formerly known as Burly Bear).

Cy’s Eyes on the Skies
Cy’s Eyes on the Skies (sometimes referred to as Cy’s Eyes) is a live, 20-minute, semi-weekly weather program that airs on Monday and Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm. Weather topics, including global weather news, national weather, and local weather, are discussed by 3-4 weathercasters. Now into its 9th year, Cy’s Eyes on the Skies is the longest-running television show on the station. Production of graphics for each show, production of music clips and intro videos, and also studio staffing is all done by student volunteers. In 2006, three Genesis graphics computers were donated from KCCI in Des Moines during their upgrade to a Genesis :LIVE system. A computer to display live NEXRAD and campus webcams was also donated later that year by the Department of Geological and Atmospheric Sciences. The second computer finally found use after being installed two years later in early Spring 2008.

I-State News
The program I-State News airs on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3:30pm and lasts 30 minutes. The program is produced by journalism students as part of a production lab class. The format of the show is similar to that of a local newscast, with news, weather, and sports segments.

The program nAmes is a student-run talk-show styled program on ISUtv. Host, Evonna Sweis, interviews ‘the names of Ames’, or people in the Ames and Iowa State community. nAmes looks for students and members of the community that are making a difference in Ames. Artists, musicians, local business owners, Editors of student-run publications and go-getters alike can be found on nAmes.

Newswatch 18
Newswatch 18 is the flagship student-run news program on ISUtv. During the 2010-2011 school year, the format of Newswatch 18 was changed to a tri-weekly, 15 minute program. Although still covering news, weather, and sports, segments such as cooking have been added to slightly change the theme of the show.

Cyclones Sports Live
The program Cyclones Sports Live airs Sunday nights at 9:00pm and lasts 60 minutes. The show has the format of a sports discussion program, where highlights of Iowa State athletics as well as major sporting leagues are shown and talked about by the anchors.

Al Murdoch Show
The Al Murdoch Show airs live Tuesday nights at 7:00pm and lasts 30 minutes. The show has a talk show format, highlighting Iowa State’s Cyclone Hockey’s weekend series and upcoming events. Anchors Evonna Sweis and Coach Al Murdoch talk hockey with guest-appearances from players each week.

The Iowa State Sportsman Show
While no longer being produced, the program The Iowa State Sportsman Show aired on Thursday nights in the Winter/Spring of 2010. The show covered hunting, fishing, and enjoying the outdoors throughout Iowa and the greater Midwest. At the 2010 College Broadcasters, Inc. Awards, the show won “Best General Entertainment Program”. Ben Tupman, Kyle Wood, and Nick Johnson hosted the half hour show.

ISUtv is led by an executive board of students elected at the end of each spring semester. The station is also advised by a faculty member of the Greenlee School of Journalism.

ISUtv General Managers
Academic Year Name
2014-2015 Christine Amaya
2013-2014 Kyle Steingreaber
2012-2013 Andrew Schneider
2011-2012 Brandon Blue
2010-2011 Jared Ransom
2009-2010 Josh Larson
2008-2009 Dan Moylan
2007-2008 Karl Wehmhoener
2006-2007 Unknown
2005-2006 Ben Hrncirik
2004-2005 Dave Sprau
2003-2004 Kim Claussen
2002-2003 Ryan Westendorf
2001-2002 Dustin McDonough
2000-2001 Jen Spencer

ISUtv Advisers
Date Range Name
2012–present Raluca Cozma
2009-2012 Jeff Ames
2004-2009 Shelley Rouse
2002-2004 Dan Mundt
Steve Coon

ISUtv submits its best work annually to various student media competitions, including competitions held by the Society of Professional Journalists, the Iowa Broadcast News Association, and College Broadcasters, Inc..

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