Tuesday, July 23

Photoshop handout

Lightroom handout


Target Field fix handout

Target Field DNG file (right-click to save)

Baby Will image


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Printing workflow

Handout here. Also see Chapter 11 in our book for much more.

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Soft proofing (getting an image ready for print)

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Class July 16


1. Des Moines Marathon text exercise ~ handout

Marathon image

Cement image


2. Lawn mower text exercise ~ handout

Lawnmower image

Grass image


3. Take 3 of your past shots and make a “great,” high-contrast black and white. For at least one use the Photographic Toning gradient map.

Great B&Ws handout



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July 11 ~ portrait day

Here is the handout.

 Practice image.

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July 9 ~ Colorizing

woman is-black-and-white-a-color-1 bale of straw (V) colorized


Practice photo 1.

Practice photo 2.

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Colorizing a photo

There are lots of different ways, but this is one we’ll try……

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Curves explained

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I posted this for my digital photo students as well….. some tips for shooting fireworks:

Fireworks discussion thread on Reddit.

Unusual Fireworks tutorial.

Tutorial video. When he says use a timer, use a 2-second timer on your camera (or remote shutter release).

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Assignment July 2

Photoshop Secrets CS6 (video)

Blind Critiques (video) …. these critiques on the Kelby channel are really good. Try to watch a couple if you have time. Usually they start about 7-10 minutes in (look at the top comment, usually there is a link to when the critique starts).

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