Droopy McCool found dead, overdose likely

MOS EISLEY РDroopy McCool, chidnkalu horn player for the Max Rebo band, was found dead in his hotel room. He was 137 years old.

An autopsy is scheduled, but authorities said all signs point to an overdose.

McCool battled a longtime addiction to glitterstim and in his later years allegedly became hooked on sweetblossom and joydust.

Sympathy from all parts of the music industry is already flowing in, showing how well loved the musician was.

“Shucks, man, he was such a groovy guy,” said Rebo. “He got such a bad rap because he wasn’t that out-going, but once you got to know him, he was a lifelong friend. I miss him already.”

“Yeah, he had is problems. But what Kitonak do you know that doesn’t? It’s not easy going through life sober looking like that,” said Sy Snootles, vocalist for the band.

Rebo said McCool’s death won’t slow down the band’s current tour.

“We had a feeling Droopy was fading fast, so we’ve got someone lined up.¬†He’s a Rodian and a bit of a chidnkalu prodigy. I know Droopy’s seat is still warm, but we’ve got to fulfill the rest of the tour. It’s the professional thing to do.”