Thermal detonators banned as negotiation tool

CORUSCANT – Starting Tuesday, thermal detonators will no longer be a legal means of business negotiation.

The handheld devices capable of creating a powerful, localized explosion, has long been a tool of last resort for bounty hunters, gangsters, and stock traders.

Simply the threat of holding a thermal detonator can usually sway the negotiation dramatically in favor of he (or she) who holds it.

“I was once in a meeting with this guy who wanted to buy some Mos Eisley real estate,” said Jur Klouw of Tatooine. “Things weren’t going too well. His bids were way too low for what the property was worth.

“Then on his last offer he says, ‘I’ll give you 15,000 credits. Oh, and I’m holding a thermal detonator. That pretty much sealed the deal.”

Effective as they may be, lawmakers say the detonators as a bargaining chip is just plain unfair.

“Meesa thinks it’sa just platootie!” said Naboo Senator Jar Jar Binks. “A-holdin and a splodin’ must be illegalled!”