Mouse droids plague Death Star

DEATH STAR – After 25 years of delivery and maintenance service, MSE-6 “mouse” droid populations are soaring on the Death Star.

Mouse droids, previously known for their boxy shell and noisy skittering, are quickly gaining a reputation for clogging hallways and droid ducts. Officials said their population has tripled unexpectedly.

“We think the droids know about the new MSE-7 model coming out”, a spokesperson for the manufacturer said.    “They’ve always had a strong preservation instinct. Now that the MSE-6 is basically obsolete, they know it, and they’re scared.”

“Something has to be done”, says Commander Praji, Imperial officer on the Death Star. “There are times when the mouse droids are so thick on the floor, you can’t even walk.”

“I’m not even sure how they do it”, Praji continued, referring to the population explosion. “I mean, they’re droids. It’s not like they have reproductive organs. Or do they? Nasty little buggers.”

Rebaxan Columni, manufacturer of the MSE-6, says it’s working on a solution. “We’ve got a blueprint for a cat droid. We’ll see if that works.”