Blackouts paralyze Tatooine

TATOOINE РDamaged cables and high power demands are causing rolling blackouts across Tatooine this week.

With power usage at an all-time high, the Tosche power station is unable to keep up with the demands. Making matters worse, several underground power lines were severed by wild animals outside the town of Anchorhead.

“It’s bad now, and they say it’ll get worse,” said moisture farmer Owen Lars. “As of this week, we’re at 30% production. We can only run the water vaporators for a couple hours before the power cuts out. That barely yields a days-worth for us, let alone our purchasers.”

“We wouldn’t have this problem if it weren’t for those darn kids,” said station manager Laze “Fixer” Loneozner. “They’ve got all these high-tech game things that really zap power. There are the remote droids, the holofight simulators, and don’t get me started on those land speeders.”

“Ya’ know how much electricity those new games use?” Loneozner continued. “Enough to power a whole moisture farm!”

Lars has a different opinion. “Maybe Laze should do his job instead of blaming it on children. If he maintained the station and fixed the lines, we wouldn’t have this problem in the first place.”

“‘Fixer’ has really let this place go”, says local youth Luke Skywalker. “Chores have gotten in the way of me coming to the station for months, and when I finally get here, they’re out of power converters! How can you be out of power converters! I wish [Tosche station owner] Merl would do something about it.”

Merl Tosche says the blackouts should stop within the next few weeks. “We’re working hard to fix this problem, including some restructuring of management. Don’t tell Laze, though. He’s got quite the temper.”