Wookie wins 34th straight dejarik tourney

GHHHK – Dejarik, the holographic game played on a checkerboard with small, realistic creatures as pieces, has been dominated solely by Wookies for the 34th year in a row.

This year’s winner, Lumpawaroo, of Kashyyyk, said he plans to spend his winnings on a new bowcaster and shampoo.

Lumpawaroo attributes his success to much practice, strategy, and “a menacing howl.”

“I don’t think it’s cheating. When the other player gets close to winning I just let out a nice roar. They seem to make more mistakes after that,” said Lumpawaroo.

Event judges say intimidation is frowned upon in the game, but with Wookies it’s generally a “gray area.”

“Shyriiwook is a tricky language. Sometimes you’re not sure if they’re trying to threaten you or just asking for a glass of water. We can’t penalize them for that,” said dejarik judge Frownlo Low.

“There is an unwritten rule though. Let the wookie win.”