Jawa sandcrawler fails new emission standards

TATTOINE РThe pint-sized droid-selling inhabitants of Tattoine might have more problems on their hands than just sand in their gears.

Last Wednesday, new emission standards went into effect across Tattoine, and Jawas are already worried about their ability to keep a living if their sandcrawler vehicles fail the test.

The giant 36.8 meter-long vehicle made by Corellia Mining serves not only as transportation, but also for shelter in Tattoine’s harsh desert.

Getting only .13 kilometers to the liter, the vehicle falls well below the 20 kilometer-per-liter standard now in place on the planet.

“I’m not sure what we will do,” said Joorghhh, a Jawa droid scavenger, through an interpreter. “We live in these things. We make our living with these things. We don’t have the funds to upgrade to some ion-thruster latest and greatest ship.”

Jabba the Hutt, a local legitimate businessman, agrees the emission standards are too strict.

Also speaking through an interpreter, Hutt said, “I’ve got a couple pleasure barges I haven’t been able to use because of their poor mileage. The sarlacc pit is just sitting there and we’re sitting here.”