Trade Federation demands droid refund

NABOO – The Trade Federation, whose failed invasion of Naboo has angered some Galactic politicians, is demanding a refund for 525,000 battle droids.

Baktoid Combat Automata, who manufactures the droids, insists the robot warriors weren’t defective.

“Yes, they can be taken down with one blaster shot. Yes you can cut through them with lightsabers. Yes they vocalize all their commands unnecessarily. But the Trade Federation knew all these things when they ordered them,” said Baktoid spokesperson Rav Ratoock.

But the Trade Federation said it expected a higher quality product.

“You see the name ‘battle droid’ and that’s what you expect to get. Have you seen the security footage of them trying to fight Jedis?  It’s like they’re not even trying to fight back,” said Trade Fedaration representative Nute Gunray. “What a joke,” he added.

But Baktoid Combat Automata is persistent that battle droids weren’t meant to be the cream of the crop.

“When you look at our catalogue, it’s right there in front of you. Battle droids and super battle droids. They could have gone with the super, and their penny pinching cost them,” said Ratoock.

“We just want our credits back and the can have what’s left of their droids back,” said Gunray. “We’re going to go with someone else next time. Something in the trooper variety, probably.”