Nerfs added to endangered species list

ALDERAAN¬†–¬†Nerfs, the sometimes moody, antlered herbivores raised for their succulent meat, have seen their numbers dwindle in the past years — enough so that they have been placed on the endangered species list.

Herders of the animal said they aren’t surprised, as they have noticed the demand for the mammal skyrocket.

“Nerfburgers, nerfloaf, nerf sausage, smoked nerf… you see it everywhere now. It used to be you go to a place like Mos Eisley and you’d never see nerf on the menu. Now you can’t go anywhere without them serving nerf,” said herder Thrak Bomrow.

In addition to the nerf being a popular menu item across the galaxy, nerf pelts are also now used in the production of plush children’s toys.

“It turns out nerf skin is perfect for making Banthaballs for children. Who would have guessed?”