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Midterm Thursday Oct. 8

The midterm is 40 points and will cover chapters 1-12, 15, and 17.

It will include some questions from past quizzes as well as some short answer covering the topics:

What is newsworthy?
Tips for shooting sports and portraits
What info is in the cutline
Things to look for as you are editing in Lightroom
Where to find story ideas
Photo story vs a documentary.. what is the difference
What is the best light to shoot in for portraits

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Photo editing practice



1. Download the photos….

Click on the link and drag photo to the desktop. Or right-click on photo and Save As… to your computer.

2. Fix each one in Lightroom. Show Andy when done. (Don’t upload to Flickr)

Photo to fix #1

Photo to fix #2

Photo to fix #3

Photo to fix #4

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Welcome Fall 2015

Hello! Our first class is Thursday, August 20 at 8:05 a.m. in Building 19, room 17.

Be sure to bookmark this site (I suggest even on your smartphone) so you can easily get to our assignments.

I’ll also include links to handouts, lecture slides, and other useful links.

Good luck and have fun this semester…

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